Side X Side Honda Mountain Tour

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This is a good family activity for people who prefer the safety of the Side X Side Honda system. After some fun-filled hours of zip lining, why not explore the jungle at ground level on a Side X Side Honda mountain tour. Our experienced guides will take you through the winding jungle roads and back trails of Guanacaste's famous jungle-covered mountains along Costa Rica's Pacific coast. You can stop and see breathtaking views from 1,200' elevations and try your hand at bird spotting or monkey viewing. The mountain areas are teaming with wildlife and if you are patient and lucky you might see all sorts of different bird, animal and plant species.  Here you will drive and explore the small towns in and around the area, drive past cantaloupe farms and when is season, we stop at the beautiful “Las Pilas” waterfall (early winter, late winter. During this outing, we can also visit some centuries-old farmhouses to see how rural Costa Ricans used to live.

Inquire Booking

We will either pick you up, or you can meet us at the office, where every tour starts. Once back at the office, if you used our transport, we will take you back to where you are staying. In order to bring you the lowest possible price, we do not include transportation in the cost. We do provide transportation for an additional fee.

  • Guided Tour.
  • 2 Hours in length.
  • Bottled Water provided.
  • Side X Side Honda safety equipment provided.
  • Fully Insured.
  • Seating capacity for up to four


  1. Monkey Trail