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ATV Horseback Monkey Combo

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From USD 61.99

Embark on an amazing adventure to Matapalo Beach, accessible via the same driveway as Riu’s Hotel. This picturesque beach offers breathtaking views of the sea and a perfect spot to relax and take a dip if you're in your bathing suit. Along the way, you'll traverse the beautiful dry forests of Guanacaste, home to a diverse array of wildlife including monkeys, birds, and iguanas. Enjoy the journey on our ATVs, available as single or tandem rides, or opt for a UTV for a shared experience. For the mountain adventure, discover the true essence of Costa Rican nature with our guided tour through the winding jungle roads and hidden trails of Guanacaste’s lush mountains. Navigate forest trails and cross small rivers to reach the enchanting "Kimillo's" seasonal waterfall, a picturesque spot ideal for photography, especially during the rainy season. The mountain terrain is rich with wildlife, offering a chance to encounter various birds, animals, and unique plant species.

Once your ATV adventure is complete it is time to take a beautiful and relaxing horseback ride through the mountains to view this incredible cowboy country. Our horses are well cared for and trained to allow even the most novice rider a safe comfortable ride. On this tour, your guide will point out flora and fauna natural to the area. On our horseback tours, you will also have the opportunity to gallop at certain points and our guides are always happy to stop and take pictures for you and of you. 


Finally, make your way over to the Monkey Sanctuary. Orphaned baby monkeys are not always adopted by another family of monkeys but if they are found in time they are brought here. They usually haven't developed the skills to survive in the wild so the Monkey Sanctuary becomes their permanent home. Here you will be able to visit a couple of different species of monkeys including the famous Howler Monkey. 

From USD 61.99

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We recommend our self transported option, guides will meet you on arrival. If you are in need of a rental vehicle we can drop one off for you and pick it up when you are done.  Reservations are required in advance. Enjoy the guaranteed lowest price. Tour at your own pace. We will send you detailed instructions on how to arrive at your tour start points. We do also offer transportation and guided service. To check availability and make a reservation please click on "Book Now" and enter your preferred date and time.

  • All experience levels
  • Guided tour with safety equipment
  • Includes Monkey Sanctuary entry
  • ATV adventure
  • Mountain horseback ride
  • Approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes


  1. Monkey Trail
  2. Guacamaya Beach
  3. Horseback Riding
  4. Monkey Sanctuary