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500cc ATV Canopy Monkey Combo

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From USD 61.99

The Amazing Original Zip-Line Tour lets you ride all eleven zip-lines as well as cross three hanging bridges, all while surrounded by the gorgeous expanse of the diverse forest of Guanacaste. Or for the adrenaline junkie, The Extreme Zip-Line Tour, including radical attractions such as our Tarzan Swing and Superman zip-lines.

Riding a 500cc ATV is an exhilarating experience that allows you to explore the natural beauty of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. When faced with the decision of choosing between an adventure at the secret beaches of Guanacaste or at the rainforest mountain of Guanacaste, it can be a tough call. On the one hand, the secret beaches offer breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and secluded spots to enjoy the sun and waves.On the other hand, the rainforest mountain boasts lush greenery, exotic wildlife, and a challenging terrain that makes for an exciting off-roading experience.

Ultimately, the decision depends on the type of adventure you're looking for. If you're seeking relaxation and tranquility, the secret beaches are a perfect choice. But if you're up for a thrilling ride and the chance to immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the rainforest, then the rainforest mountain is the way to go. Regardless of which adventure you choose, riding a 500cc ATV in Guanacaste is an unforgettable experience that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.


Lastly, your ATV adventure will culminate with a visit to The Monkey Sanctuary; this will not be your typical zoo experience. Orphaned baby monkeys are not always adopted by another family of monkeys. They usually haven't developed the skills to survive in the wild, so the Monkey Sanctuary becomes their permanent home.

From USD 61.99

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We recommend our self transported option, guides will meet you on arrival. Or if you require a rental vehicle, we can help arrange to drop one off for you and pick it up when you are done.  Reservations are required in advance. Enjoy the guaranteed lowest prices while you adventure at your own pace. We will send detailed instructions on how to arrive at your tour start point. We also offer transportation and guided service. To check availability and make a reservation please click on "Book Now" and enter your preferred date and time. We will contact you with your personalized reservation details.

  • Includes Monkey Sanctuary entry
  • Approximately 4.5 hrs long
  • Original or Extreme canopy zip-line
  • Mountain or beach 500cc ATV experience
  • Bigger ATV
  • Stronger ATV
  • All safety equipment provided
  • Tandem rider available 


  1. Monkey Trail
  2. Las Catalinas
  3. Donkey Trail
  4. Monkey Sanctuary