Horseback Monkey Sanctuary Combo

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Our horses are well cared for and trained to allow even the most novice rider a safe comfortable ride. On this tour, your guide will point out flora and fauna natural to the area. You might also get an opportunity to see iguanas, monkeys and more. Stop along the way and enjoy cold coconut water or other refreshments (not included). On our horseback tours, you will also have the opportunity to gallop at certain points and our guides are always happy to stop and take pictures for you and of you. Why go horseback riding? Because you can see the world from a whole new perspective almost as if you are six feet taller. Then make your way over to the Monkey Sanctuary. Orphaned baby monkeys are not always adopted by another family of monkeys but if they are found in time they are brought here. They usually haven't developed the skills to survive in the wild so the Monkey Sanctuary became their permanent home. Here you will be able to visit with a couple of different species of monkeys including the famous Howler Monkey. You are able to feed these amazing animals. The Monkey Sanctuary rescues more than just monkeys. There is a petting zoo with sheep, horses, and a bull! 

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We will either pick you up, or you can meet us at the office, where every tour starts. Once back at the office, if you used our transport, we will take you back to where you are staying.
In order to bring you the lowest possible price, we do not include transportation in the cost. We do provide transportation for an additional fee.

  • Includes Monkey Sanctuary entry
  • All experience levels
  • Guided Tour
  • Safety Equipment Provided


  1. Monkey Trail