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We proudly partner with tourism operations within our community of Guanacaste; we do this to both support locally owned businesses as well as provide you with the lowest prices possible. Here you will find a list of activities that will get you out of your hotel and explore the vast beauty of the Gold Coast of Costa Rica. Allow us to assist you with our free trip planning advice, and adventure knowing we have you covered. Chat online with a live English-speaking representative. Did you know there are 12 separate microclimates in Costa Rica? Including white-sand beaches active volcanoes, tropical jungles, cool-weather forests, and more!

Explore Costa Rica Beyond the Resort

  • "Cerro Pelado" Guided Hiking Challenge

    This outdoor adventure to explore the mountains and volcanoes of Costa Rica. Start by trekking the hills of the Guanacaste range. Before reaching Cañas town, you will take the dirt road&nb...
    From USD 99
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  • Africa Safari Adventure Park Day

    Did you know that African wildlife feels right at home here in Guanacaste's pastureland? The ecosystem mimics that of the plains of East Africa. Welcome to Ponderosa, Liberia, Costa Rica...
    From USD 35
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  • All Day Surfing Expedition

    For those of us who do not tire easily and really want to learn how to ride some waves on the open Pacific. Why not try an entire day of surfing? We will start by taking you to Playa Grande where...
    From USD 99
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  • Arenal Hiking and Hot Springs Combo

    Spend a day at the world-famous Arenal Volcano. Enjoy stunning views as you drive along Lake Arenal, closing in on one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world. You will have front ...
    From USD 89
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  • Beginner Surf Lessons

    Imagine... the thrill of surfing the beaches made famous by the "Endless Summer" movies. This activity is suitable for all ages and athletic types. This is not just a lesson; it is...
    From USD 49
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  • Bird-Watching And Cultural Tour

    Join us for a wonderful ornithological adventure. There are dry forests, cloud forest, arid mountain peaks, humid lowlands, mangroves and coral reefs that attract totally different species but th...
    From USD 79
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  • Borinquen Hot Springs Eco-Tour

    Welcome to the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park. Experience enchanting forests, listen to the roaring waters of rivers and waterfalls, discover the legacies of ancient cultures and spot r...
  • Buena Vista Mega Combo Day Pass

    Our Mega Combo at the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica is an action-packed day of adventure. Everything you wanted to do in Costa Rica you can do in this one place. Th...
    From USD 79
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  • CaƱon de la Vieja Adventure Day Pass

    Your adventure begins with a thrilling tubing experience. We offer class II and III tubing depending on the condition of the river and weather in the mountains in the Rincón de la Vieja vo...
    From USD 69
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  • Cortez Waterfall Experience

    Explore one of Guanacaste’s most spectacular natural wonders, Llanos de Cortez waterfall. Located just a short ride away from Liberia, Llanos de Cortez is a giant cascading waterfall flowin...
    From USD 14
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  • Discovery SCUBA Diving Costa Rica

    There's a world of underwater adventures out there waiting for you!  Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving, but aren’...
  • Jet Ski Hourly Rentals

    Rent by the hour! Exploring the local beaches by Jet Ski is one of the most fun, adrenaline-pumping activities we offer. Suitable for all ages, we guarantee that after your tour you'll just w...
    From USD 9
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  • Morning Snorkel Catamaran Tour

    Spend the morning sailing on one of Guanacaste's famous catamarans, the most popular tour in the region. After sailing up the north or down the southern coast, the captain will stop at one of...
    From USD 64
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  • Ollie's Point Surfing Experience

    Four people can comfortably share one of our ocean-going vessels to experience our Ollie’s Point Surf Trip. Ollie’s Point is famous for its long, perfect green walls. The offshore win...
    From USD 169
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  • Palo Verde Wildlife River Boat Cruise

    Your day starts early as you explore one of the rarest and bio-diverse ecosystems in the world. Recommended for those who seek wildlife and birdlife. Palo Verde is comprised of 15 diffe...
    From USD 59
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  • Private Catamaran Charter

    Sail with your party in privacy and at leisure on one of our famous catamarans in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. After sailing, the captain will anchor at one of many snorkeling spots where you can enjo...
    From USD 129
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